Thank You To Our Volunteers

Yesterday the BIA had their final Board Meeting for the 2018 year. Every 4 years we re-elect our Board of Volunteers and as we move into 2019 we are excited to say that a new board will be taking over.
That being said, the BIA would like to send a great big THANK YOU to board members and volunteers who have donated their time to the BIA over the last 4 years! Specifically, Debora Kuchme and The Bayview Pixies. Debora volunteered as a board member along with spearheading The Bayview Pixies, a group of volunteers that have been responsible for cleaning, planting and pruning the street and the planters for the past 3 years. Their hard work has earned the BIA awards, grants and public recognition for their sustainable practices and volunteerism. We cannot shout their Their hard work and dedication to making our community a better place will be missed, and we only wish you the best as you move on to your next projects!
Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.
From The Bayview Leaside BIA

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  1. Glad to hear that the BIA Board appreciated our efforts! I was a member of the Pixies and enjoyed working and interacting with our neighbours on Bayview over the past few years. We all live and shop in the area and our long term vision was to promote a green and healthy community on Bayview. We envisioned planting native Ontario species, sustainable plants hat would thrive with minimal care. We envisioned healthy trees that would provide shade during our increasingly hot summers. We saved rain water rather than use tap water to provide for the plants and hoped that other volunteers across the city might be inspired to follow.

    But the Board had other ideas. They wanted annuals that would provide a showy, colourful display for the summer months. A contractor was hired to plant and water and water was key to keeping the display looking fresh – gallons and gallons of chlorinated city water.

    This is not, and will never be, the Pixie way. So with immense regret, we will leave our neighbourhood and look for other green venues that have values more in keeping with ours.
    Best wishes to the new (!) BIA Board.

    1. Hi Helen,
      Thank you for your feedback, I know that the Pixies legacy will continue to inspire planting sustainability within the City of Toronto. The BIA cannot express their gratitude enough to each and every Pixie. We would love for anyone who shares these concerns to attend our monthly Board Meetings so that the BIA can best represent the businesses and people who live, and shop in the area! Once again, we wish you the best in your coming endeavors.

  2. I really enjoyed working with the Bayview Pixies for the last two years. I am an enthusiastic supporter of the merchants and the shops on Bayview, and was happy to have a chance to help out and promote the street through our gardening efforts. We also felt like we were helping to contribute to conserving the environment. We had fun and felt gratified by the many positive comments we received from passersby. It is indeed unfortunate that the goals of the Pixies and the BIA were not more closely aligned.

    1. Hi Janis,
      The BIA thanks you so much for all of your hard work, we really appreciate all that you did for the street! I know that the Pixies were never in it for the fame, but I know that for our community members each of you were stars! That being said we would always welcome the Pixies back with open arms, and we wish you only the best!

  3. Hello Bayview Leaside BIA,

    I saw an article in the Bayview Bulldog that left me both happy and sad about the Bayview Pixies. This news brought me to your website.

    I was delighted to see the photos and thanks given to the Pixies but as I read on, I became confused as to why they are leaving. I am deeply disappointed to learn that they will no longer be the environmental stewards and star volunteers of the community. I have had numerous conversations with these extraordinary women over the past few years and am fully aware of their dedication to improving the health of the environment. I fear their departure will soon be felt by both the residents of Leaside and shopkeepers of Bayview alike. This is a great loss to the community. While I realize that this group may want to move on to other projects (and I wish them well too), I thought it best to inquire if there was some incentive or request that might motivate them to stay on Bayview.


    Kimberly Gross

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you for your comment! We were also saddened to hear that the Pixies would not be continuing on with the BIA, that being said they are always welcome back, and we would welcome you or the Pixies to attend any of our meetings, to discuss how we can continue the Pixie’s environmental legacy!

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