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A small, intimate yoga centre that opened its doors in 1999, The Big Stretch Yoga Centre is a warm, welcoming space that offers Hatha yoga classes, corporate yoga and retreats.

In our classes, we slow down from our hectic schedules, allowing the breath to flow through the postures. Create balance by uniting opposites – effort and grace, stability and fluidity, strength and softness. Rather than just exercising, we can begin to connect the breath with body and mind, directing our attention inward.

Mats, blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps, zafus and eye pillows are provided for your support, comfort and convenience. Inspiring music and candles, warm, earthy hardwood floors, large windows and soothing blue walls create a gentle and relaxing atmosphere.

Joanne Lowe
Director of Stretch & Certified Instructor
Specializing in seamlessly flowing sequences of asana, Joanne Lowe is a certified yoga instructor with more than 25 years experience in the practice and study of various forms and teaching philosophies of yoga. With an infectious love of asana practice, Joanne’s warm, non-judgmental approach, gentle touch and soothing voice will guide you through a creative, ever-changing, well-balanced series of postures. She encourages participants to move slowly, deepen their breath and practice with self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Joanne has taught yoga in the Leaside neighbourhood of Toronto since 1997 and has also lead more than 18 yoga retreats at various venues in Ontario.

See you soon to breathe, stretch, laugh and relax with us.

1560 Bayview Ave

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