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Commercial Facade Improvement Grant – Up To $12,500

What is the Commercial Facade Improvement Grant?

The Commercial Façade Improvement Program provides funding to commercial and private property owners to redesign, renovate or restore commercial or industrial building façades.

Recently, the City of Toronto has made amendments to the Commercial Façade Improvement Program, including;

–  eliminate the five-year wait period or Business Improvement Area (BIA) program eligibility;
–  expand the types of eligible improvements to provide greater incentive to industrial properties and commercial strip plazas;
–  increase the individual maximum grant value from $10,000 to $12,500;
–  offer additional financial support for single-owner strip plazas and adjoining properties; and provide an additional financial incentive for improvements that achieve AODA compliance.

The program has been a cost-effective way to improve the attractiveness and economic viability of the city’s traditional main streets. The amendments proposed in this report will help to achieve similar results in commercial strip plazas and industrial properties more typical of the inner suburbs and industrial areas.

For more information, regarding the amendments click here.

This means that Bayview Leaside BIA’s businesses can now apply!

The changes to the grant’s eligibility means that it is now open to Bayview Leaside BIA businesses to apply for. We encourage all interested businesses to reach out to the BIA, as well as to begin their application (which is due early spring 2019).

The eligible improvements include, but are not limited to (a minimum of three (3) of the eligible improvements must be made).:

  • brick cleaning
  • restoration
  • wheelchair accessibility
  • doors
  • signage
  • windows
  • lighting and masonry

What are the benefits?

Improving the appearance of your building’s façade shows that you care about your property. In addition, your neighbourhood streetscape is improved. This provides a more welcoming environment to work, shop and live.

How is funding calculated?

Half of the cost of eligible improvements to commercial or industrial building façades is covered and will be based on the lowest contractor estimate submitted with the application. The minimum funding is $2,500 with a maximum of $10,000 for non-corner properties. A corner property is eligible for maximum funding of $12,500.

Who is eligible?

  • You must be the property owner or have the permission of the property owner
  • Your building must be located in a Business Improvement Area (BIA) that has been in existence for five (5) or more years
  • You must not owe outstanding taxes to the City
  • You must not start your improvement project before the funding application is approved
  • You must have not received the maximum façade improvement funding for your property in previous years.

Want to know if you can apply? Click here for eligibility requirements.

Thinking about applying for the for the Facade Improvement Program?

  1. Collect two quotes for each of the three or more pieces of facade work that you wish to complete through the program
  2. Complete and submit the application form (when available in early 2019).
  3. If approved for funding, you will go into an agreement with The City of Toronto – Economic Development & Culture Division.
  4. Once the facade improvements are completed and accounted for, the city will provide the grant funding to the successful applicant.

*The program is first-come-first-serve starting at the beginning of each calendar year when The City sets its budget. While the application is due it is highly recommended that members submit their paperwork as soon as possible, as funding is often 100% allocated by mid-April.

Completed applications are to be submitted to:

Michael Saunders
City of Toronto BIA Office.
Phone: (416) 392-1005

The Bayview Leaside BIA has shared this information in an email to all businesses. If you do not currently receive our email communications, please contact us now at to learn how to sign up.


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